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Types of Eating Disorders & the Importance of Counseling

Eating disorders are considered health conditions that typically affect people on many levels- physically, emotionally and also on a social level. Food is the most important fuel for human life, but people’s relationship with food and eating in general can change from time to time. Eating disorders are quite different but they are definitely playing a negative effect on emotional and physical health. This is why proper eating disorder counseling Westchester is so important- a good therapist will help patients with eating disorders bring their life back on track, before major health issues can occur.

There are also many factors that play a major role in the development of an eating disorder. These include social, environmental or even genetic factors. As soon as you acknowledge that someone dear to you is struggling with an eating disorder it is extremely important to redirect him/her to proper eating disorder counseling Westchester.

There are three main categories of eating disorders available:

  • Bulimia- this is when the person will end up binge-eating and then purging. This is a vicious cycle that seems never-ending, and someone struggling with bulimia needs immediate attention and treatment. Persons who struggle with bulimia can take things to an extreme by purging (vomiting) after each meal, using heavily laxatives to ensure they do not gain weight and of course exercising in excess.
  • Anorexia nervosa- the person has a distorted self-image, where there is a constant urge to lose weight even though the person is already underweight. People with anorexia nervosa are extremely harsh with themselves when it comes to eating and they typically over exercise to ensure they will further lose weight.
  • Binge eating- this is yet another eating disorder where the person constantly has the urge of overeating. This is often viewed as “compulsive eating” and individuals typically rely on excessive food intake as a way of emotional support. Some also indulge into binge eating in order to shield their complex feelings. Binge eating is a type of eating disorder that can affect both men and women, but typically appears in adulthood.
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