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Types of Penny Sleeves for Sport Cards

Preserving your sports cards in the best possible condition is the first prerequisite for selling at a high value. When the cards are exposed to dust, humidity, smoke, direct sunlight, extreme heat or extreme cold, and condensation, these are all ruining factors. You add extra protection for your cherished sports scars when you store your cards nicely in penny sleeves. You can sell baseball cards ct for a fair value only if these cards are in the best possible condition. So, let’s see some of the types of penny sleeves you can choose from:

  • Clear card sleeves- are one of the most common choices among collectors worldwide. These clear penny sleeves can be easily found just about in any retail store, they are cheap, and they are good quality. You can buy them in bulk (such as 500-count packs), typically made to fit standard-size sports cards (53pt). The transparent card sleeves are also ultra-clear, so you will not have to take the card out of the sleeve each time you or someone else wants to inspect it closely. Such ultra-clear penny sleeves are a good option if you show off your collection often. You can also find lower quality penny sleeves that have a faded appearance, almost cloudy, but you want to stay away from these because they are not practical in your case.
  • Soft penny sleeves –Rayvol- the Rayvol penny sleeves are a good option for your collection of sports cards. The sleeves offer good protection to your cards, and they will help reduce to a minimum the surface scratches on your sports cards while you handle them. The sleeves are made of polypropylene film; you can purchase them online and at brick-and-mortar retail stores.

When searching for penny sleeves for your cards, ensure they are designed to fit standard cards (a 35pt card). The quality of the primary materials is also essential. Look for ultra-clear, soft sleeves with corner protection made of non-PVC, acid-free and archival-safe polypropylene film.

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