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Protective Packaging

Types of Protective Packaging to Consider

Packaging plays a huge role in the way the value of a product is perceived. Your business will get a good reputation when an item reaches the end consumer in perfect shape with proper packaging. Therefore, it is so important to choose the right type of packaging for your products. At Edco Supply Corporation, you can choose a wide range of protective packaging types- you can find everything from anti-static bags to mil-spec packaging of the highest possible quality here. Invest in quality protective packaging for your products, not only for shipping but also for storage parts. Protect all your items from dust, debris, corrosion, humidity, and other problems with the right type of packaging.

Paperboard boxes are paper-based packaging materials that are lightweight yet extremely strong. The paperboard boxes can be easily cut and manipulated to create the custom shapes you need. Paperboard boxes can be easily used for personalized packaging projects, for example.

Then, you can consider the corrugated boxes- these are cardboard boxes, and they are available in different sizes and shapes. Corrugated boxes typically have three layers, but packages with only two layers can also be found. Choose the type of cardboard box that best suits your requirements in terms of strength and durability.

Rigid boxes- these are the premium types of packaging boxes with a stylish layout, and they can be easily personalized with your company/brand logo. These boxes are incredibly durable and typically made of highly condensed paperboard (usually up to 4 times thicker than the paperboard used to construct standard cartons). Rigid boxes are among the most expensive and stylish types of protective packaging solutions. They are typically used in packaging jewelry, perfumes, watches, and other selected premium items.

You can consider other packaging types, including chipboard packaging, poly bags, vci bags, anti-static bags, foil-sealed bags, and others. For a full range of quality protective packaging solutions, visit Edco Supply Corporation.

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