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Valuable Modern Cards: The Derek Jeter Cards

When talking about modern baseball cards, nobody wants to hear about them. Modern cards are the ones printed after 1980 and since they were exposed to intensive and mass production they are everywhere. This means that modern cards in general are quite worthless, but there are some exceptions. Such an exception to the rule is set by the Derek Jeter cards. Let’s see some of his most valuable cards: which ones they are & for how much they sold?

The 1993 SP #279 card has an estimated value of about $70,000. About 7 years ago, the card in perfect condition (a PSA 10 grading) was selling for about $30,000. Then, three years later, the same card sold for $99,100. Selling baseball cards NY is not easy, especially when it comes to modern cards. The market constantly fluctuates, which means the value of the cards goes up and down.ย  Also, finding the right buyer and the right marketplace is extremely important. Always know what you have in your collection. Identifying your cards will give you an idea of how much you can make by selling those cards. You may consider that your modern card is worthless, but you need to research a little before you categorize it as one.

Next, there was the 1993 Upper Deck #449 gold hologram card-this card features a tiny golden hologram in the lower-left corner on the reverse of the card. Most cards feature silver holograms on the reverse, and the ones with a golden hologram were issued very rarely (found only one for every 15 sets issued). So, this is considered a scarce modern baseball card, and its estimated value with a PSA 10 grading is $4,000.

Another example is the 1993 Tops Micro #98. This was a โ€œreplicaโ€, a mini version of the original Tops Jeter card. It is a card reduced in size, compared to the original. This card in PSA grading 10 has an estimated value of $1,250. As you can easily note, modern baseball cards can carry surprises, and they can carry quite some value. Don’t underestimate your collection, but always carefully research to see what exactly you own.

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