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Things to Know About Pre-War Baseball Cards

Where to sell baseball cards? This is a question that often pops into your mind if you are an avid collector. At one point you may want to sell part of your cherished collection, but then you want to sell it through the right channel. American Legends is the right place to do that. The company boasts extensive experience in buying and selling sports cards and memorabilia. They have 30+ years of presence on the market with a strong reputation of integrity and fairness towards the end consumer. You are also welcome to contact them directly with any question or concern regarding the sale of sports cards.

When it comes to baseball cards, the most valuable ones are the ones printed before World War II (these are called Pre-War cards). In this vase category of cards, we can include the legendary baseball cards featuring Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, or Babe Ruth. Regarding the main distinguishing features of Pre-War cards, we can highlight the following:

  • The cards come in smaller sizes
  • The cards feature amazing artwork (sometimes photography in black & white)
  • On the reverse side of the cards, one can see tobacco or candy company ads. At times, the reverse side can be blank.
  • The Hall of Fames cards of the era sells for thousands of dollars. However, the cards must be in pristine condition to reach those values

Pre-War baseball cards of non-star players can rank high on the market value scale, provided they are again in very good shape. The rarer the card, the higher its value, even when it comes to more common cards that do not necessarily feature star players.

What is an example of the text available on the reverse side of a Ty Cobb card?

“This card is one of a set of forty-eight leading Baseball Players in the National American and Federal Leagues. One card is given with every piece of Baseball Caramel manufactured by the American Caramel Co. York PA. under the famous brand of the PCW”.

For more valuable information on baseball cards and memorabilia, reach out to the experts at American Legends.

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