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What Can you Do with a Box of Old Baseball Cards?

You were avidly collecting baseball cards back in the 80s and 90s, thinking that one day they will be extremely valuable. Now, the exact opposite is true. You just have entire boxes of cards that are quite worthless, but what can you do with them? So instead of searching where to sell baseball cards, you are now searching for someone or someplace where you can safely โ€œsend them offโ€. Back in the days, you spent money on these cards, and invested time and efforts in collecting stashes and stashes of cardsโ€ฆso now what can you do with them?

One of the first things you can think of is a donation. There are youngsters and children out there who would wholeheartedly accept these cards as a gift. Therefore, you could call the nearest civic organization or even a childrenโ€™s hospital and see if they will accept your donation.ย  In fact, you can even deliver the gift yourself and hand them out personally to see the happiness on the faces of these kids when receiving the little treasures. Or, some organizations will even offer to hand out the cards themselves, in case you do not have the time to do that.

Think of your next garage or yard sale. When creating your super ad for the sale, you can add there โ€œbaseball cards on saleโ€. This will certainly attract a huge crowd to your sale and you may even be surprised that flea market dealers or some collectors will be happy to buy the cards from you. If you decide to put them up for sale at your garage/yard sale, make sure you will sell them in bulk and do not ask a fortune for them. A box of 90โ€™s minor stars and commons could sell for anywhere between $20 and up to $40 max. In order to make everything even more interesting, you could add a few lower priced superstars from the 70s in there. A good option would also be to separate the cards based on sports to make it easier for the buyers to sort through the offer.

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