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Selling Baseball Cards for a Fair Price

Selling baseball cards may sound an easy undertaking, but your road can be filled with many challenges. Fox example, selling online can come with plenty of risks. This is why you should really think well before selling your cherished baseball cards just like that online. For example, you could easily undersell your cards, or not even receive payment for them. Instead, choose a highly reputable dealer such as American Legends- here, you will come across a team of experienced and knowledgeable experts who will offer a fair price for your collection following evaluation.

Some other important steps you should take before selling baseball cards:

  • Always identify the cards in your collection- you want to sell your cards, but you also need to know exactly what you have and what these cards are generally worth. Identify your cards by carefully looking at the stats, the copyright date and the manufacturer on your card. In case you can find stats on the back of your card that are going up to let’s say 1955, your card is from the year 1956. Please keep in mind that not all cards feature a manufacturer and a copyright date on the back of the card.
  • Next, you should determine the era your card is from– vintage cards are the ones from the pre-1980 era and post 1945. Also, a baseball card is considered pre-war if it is from before 1941, while a modern card is the one issued after 1980. Certainly, the pre-war and vintage cards carry a much higher value than the modern cards. However, in order to carry a high value they also need to be in a decent condition.
  • Carefully analyze the condition of your cards– remember that if you can see any problems regarding the condition of your cards, the buyer will also definitely notice these. Don’t attempt to beautify the cards in any way (such as sharpening the corners), because they will lose their value.

If you need help in evaluating your baseball cards, the experts at American Legends can help. You just need to show them your cards and they will make a fair offer.

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