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What Exactly Is Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety relates mostly to early childhood, and it particularly appears in babies up to 12 months old. However, separation anxiety also occurs during teenage years, and then it is called SAD (Separation Anxiety Disorder). The main signs and symptoms of separation anxiety arise when a child is being separated from his/her parents. Also, the fear of separation will in turn cause such behaviors that are related to anxiety. Separation anxiety counseling Tuckahoe ny experts can help restoring the wellbeing of a child struggling with the problem.

Some of the indicators of separation anxiety are intense and prolonged crying, temper tantrums that are extremely emotional even violent, the refusal to sleep alone, the refusal to even go to school, reduced performance in school, and constantly clinging to parents. Sometimes, physical symptoms can also occur such as vomiting or headaches.

There are several risk factors that should be considered when discussing separation anxiety. SAD typically occurs during highly stressful / changing times in a child’s life. These include moving to a new house, the divorce of the parents, even moving to a new school or the death of a close family member. Children with a shy personality are also most likely to exhibit separation anxiety at one point in their life.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy performed by separation anxiety counseling Tuckahoe ny professionals represents the best form of therapy. Through CBT, children will learn different coping techniques for handling their anxiety. Relaxation and deep breathing techniques are also important parts of Cognitive behavioral therapy. There are also different treatment phases available where the therapists will focus on the parent-child interaction.

  • Child-directed interaction- focusing on improving the relationship between parent and child. This form of therapy focuses on the parent offering warmth, love and affection to the child.
  • Parent-directed interaction- this form of therapy aims on teaching parents how to communicate in the clearest, most open manner with their child
  • Bravery-directed interaction- this will offer the parent more important knowledge and in –depth information on why their child struggles with feelings of anxiety. Do not hesitate to reach out for professional help if you consider that your child is struggling with separation anxiety.
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