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What is the Main Purpose of Desiccant Packs

Desiccant packs have the role of absorbing moisture in smaller areas. The desiccant packs play an extremely important role in extending the shelf life of materials that are packaged together. These types of bags are used across many industries, especially on the packaging, storage and shipping levels. Desiccant packs are also used in packages of dehydrated food such as seaweed or beef jerky. The role of the packs is to prevent moisture formation and of course to prevent mold which can become extremely dangerous when we talk about food items.

When it comes to food items, dehydrated seaweed and dehydrated jerky are the most common types of foods that require desiccant packs in their packaging and storage. Using desiccant packs with dehydrated fruits or vegetables is also important because they help preventing moisture formation and dangerous mold. These types of bags are also successfully used in the pharmaceutical industry, especially with multi-vitamins and pain relievers. These types of supplements and medications typically sit longer on shelves before being purchased, so they require some sort of protection from moisture. For example, prescription medication does not require packaging and storage with desiccant bags, because this type of medicine is designed for short term use.

Besides the food and pharmaceutical industries, desiccant packs are also used in the clothing industry. Especially clothing items made from animal skin will benefit greatly if packed using such moisture absorbing materials. Desiccant packs can be found in boxes of shoes made of leather, or in the pocket of the leather jackets- they are placed there in order to prevent moisture formation that would ruin the main materials of the clothing item.

As you can easily note, desiccant packs are used successfully across so many industries- from food companies to clothing and pharmaceutical industries. These bags allow manufacturers to efficiently extend the shelf life of certain items while properly protecting them from moisture problems. Please remember that proper packaging is extremely important, since the desiccant bags come in such close contact with the items they protect- especially when it comes to edible items or medicine.

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