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When is it Necessary to See an Urologist?

In case you have noticed there is something wrong with your urinary tract, you need to see an urologist Manhattan. When there are such problems existent, an urologist can definitely help. Urologists specialize in treating a wide range of conditions, from kidney stones complications and up to prostate cancer. The urologist is a specialist that knows everything about the bladder, the urinary tract, the kidneys, the ureters and the urethra. Urologists also specialize in treating problems of the reproductive system- including health issues of the testes, prostate, penis and scrotum.

If you have encountered problems with holding your urine or you have recurring issues with your kidney stones, an urologist Manhattan is the best expert you can see for help. Urologists have 4 years of medical school, plus at least 5 more years specialty training focusing on the male reproductive system and urinary tract. There are some urologists who become more focused and specialized on certain conditions such as prostate cancer, sexual health, male/female infertility or kidney complications.

Men typically decide to see an urologist if they struggle with erectile dysfunction, testicular cancer, prostate cancer or if they struggle with an enlarged prostate gland. Women typically decide to see a urologist for problems such as holding urine following pregnancy or in case of pelvic organ collapse. Urologists also treat children who struggle with issues such as bedwetting.

Urologists prescribe a wide range of treatments. Besides medication, they can also deliver “behavior training”. For example, they can teach individuals how to train in order to strengthen their pelvic muscles. Urologists can also perform different smaller procedures, but also more invasive types of surgeries. Some of the most common types of procedures include uretroscopy, cystoscopy, prostate biopsy, vasectomy or nephrectomy.

Your regular doctor may be able to prescribe something in order to help with a common urinary tract issue. However, you will need to see a specialist if your symptoms do no subside or if things become more complex. If there is loss of bladder control, blood visible in the urine, pain felt when you pee or trouble having and keeping an erection, you should definitely see a urologist.

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