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Top Preventive Dental Treatments for Children

Every parent dreams about a beautiful and healthy smile for their kids. This is why, taking your child to visit a pedodontist Mahwah on a regular basis is so important. Preventive dental treatments for children are the same in importance just as the treatments for adults. Children struggle with dental health problems just as adults, so you should schedule regular dental visits for your child to ensure everything is in order.

Let’s check out some of the most important dental treatments available for kids

Dental sealants– The sealant is made of a clear plastic film type of material that can be easily spread on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. The role of the dental sealants, as explained by a pedodontist Mahwah is to offer protection against dental cavities. Typically, dentists will use dental sealants on molars, once the teeth already have developed deep ridges. Dental sealants are regarded as powerful tools that reduce the chances of childhood dental decay.

Dental Fluoride treatments– By applying fluoride to the teeth, they will become stronger and less susceptible to cavities. Fluoride also strengthens tooth enamel, so that the bacteria and acids that attack the teeth do not get a high chance of creating decay.

Dental cleanings– parents should know that children’s teeth require dental cleanings two times per year. Through professional cleaning, the dentist will eliminate plaque and harmful tartar from the surface of the teeth. With brushing, tartar and plaque cannot be removed. Dental cleanings help greatly in reducing the risk of dental cavities.

Wearing mouth guards– according to most pediatric dentists, it is recommended for children to wear mouth guards. These guards are recommended especially while playing contact sports. The guards offer very good protection against accidental chipping, breaking of the teeth or against knocked out teeth.

Dental space maintainers– these are appliances that are made of metal or plastic. Space maintainers are comfortable, and it only takes a few days until your child becomes used to wearing them. The role of space maintainers is to preserve an empty spot open after the child loses a baby tooth. Therefore, all the remaining teeth will remain perfectly steady up until the upcoming permanent tooth starts showing.

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