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Which Doctor to Choose for Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that can be caused by underlying physical problems or psychological factors. Sometimes ED is a condition caused by both physical and psychological issues. Some of the most common symptoms of ED include low sex drive, the inability to keep an erection and/or anxiety and stress regarding sexual performance. Most men will find it quite difficult to discuss their ED problems. However, talking openly and honestly to your erectile dysfunction doctor new york city will help a lot.

Urologists are doctors who specialize in reproductive health and urinary tract health issues. The urologist can help diagnosing any problems existent in your reproductive system. For example, men who have health issues with their prostate gland can struggle with erectile dysfunction. The urologist will perform a set of exams and screenings of the prostate to check for conditions that could lead to erectile dysfunction.

Some of these examinations performed by an erectile dysfunction doctor new york city include:

  • Testing for excessive urine volume issues โ€“ a condition known as polyuria
  • Enlarged prostate problems
  • Prostate cancer screening
  • Nerve damage complications (in the case of radical prostatectomy)

Urologists perform a physical exam including taking the blood pressure and physically examining the prostate gland, the penis and the testicles. Urological physical exams do not cause extreme discomfort, so men should definitely run such tests and screenings in order to find out the main cause of the erectile dysfunction.

Furthermore, the urologist will also have a set of questions that the patient needs to answer. The doctor will ask the patient about caffeine and alcohol consumption habits or if the patient takes prescription diuretics. The questions are important because they may play a certain part in the cause of erectile dysfunction. The urologist can recommend the change of diuretics or other medications that the patient is taking (as it may have as side effect the erectile dysfunction).

Erectile dysfunction should not be a taboo subject. Men should talk openly to their doctors about the problem and then the urologist can help remedy the problem in a professional manner.

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