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A New Paper Cushion System for Protective Packaging

A German packaging firm called Storopack has introduced a new paper cushion system thoughtfully developed for applications requiring high throughput and secure packaging material. (Related Topic: protective packaging, VCI paper, moisture barrier bags)

This new paper cushion system named PAPERplus features a track system that provides a paper cushion directly at the packing station, in order to ensure effective padding.

StoropackÔÇÖs new paper cushion system can be used to package 5kg to 50kg products, and one of the main perks is that the clients will be able to deploy the system into their existing distribution lines, minimizing process costs.

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Once the system has been deployed and integrated, it can be used to package spare parts, electronic components, and ceramics, amongst many others. The machine features a rather compact size, which in turn enables the client to adjust the volume of the paper cushions and, hence, optimize the use of materials.

Additionally, the system also uses a safe blade-free technology from the PAPERplus Track that perforated the paper to facilitate the mechanical separation of each paper cushion. The PAPERplus Track also exhibits a touchscreen and it can be connected to Wi-Fi, so the user can operate the paper cushion system from any external location through their smartphone or tablet.

According to the company, the system has been designed as a low-maintenance machine. It works quietly and it also allows the optimization of paper cushion delivery operations. Storopack focuses on the development of protective packaging with products available in more than 50 countries, and it has two business areas. One of them is molding and the other one is packaging.

The molding division delivers made-to-measure protective packaging and technical form parts in expanded foams, whereas the packaging division supplies protective packaging solutions.

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