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CDI Software: An Efficient Workflow Improvement Solution

CDI Software can indeed improve workflow in a medical setting. Clinical settings that benefit most from the implementation of CDI software include inpatient & ambulatory, children’s hospitals, medical practices and medical centers. CDI software is empowered with the best Artificial Intelligence algorithms and patient –specific NLP Technology to improve the efficiency in healthcare revenues:

  • Better accuracy of diagnoses that are clinically complex
  • Reduced number of false positives / negatives- instantaneous and evidence-based queries that deliver better communication
  • Less chart review
  • Improved documentation required for procedures
  • Boost query compliance through simplified direct queries to physicians

CDI software offers a real-time solution that delivers instant feedback to the physician. When it comes to cdi software, there is no single solution that fits all needs. Therefore, such software is created as an extremely comprehensive and robust workflow solution that can smartly adapt to different needs and requests. Clinical Documentation Improvement programs have a powerful impact on patient care in general, and these help offering a full spectrum of information to the medical team members. Besides improving patient care processes, CDI also helps improving daily operations and workflow.

Technology has a huge impact all throughout the world, across all fields. Healthcare industries all over are implementing CDI software to enhance their business, offer better and faster assistance to patients, improve their revenue and boost their trust. Such software implementation helps reducing errors, providing better identification of risk adjustment scores and provide better treatment to patients.

With the help of cdi software, all claims are also filed on time, while physicians can add anytime necessary medical information and thus update patient records. Medical coders can in turn assign codes with upmost precision and conduct efficient medical reviews on patient documentation. When patient medial information is recorded, this will provide a more accurate healthcare experience for the patient and for the medical staff that has access to those records.

CDI software provides:

  • Accurate coding
  • Improved quality patient care
  • Minimizing physician queries
  • Minimized claim denials
  • Better communication between medical staff members / better patient-doctor communication


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