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Child Dental Concerns & Problems

Most of the common dental issues experienced by children may need expert care offered by the best children’s dentist glen rock. As a parent you need to ensure that your child has regular dental visits, at 6-month intervals. Typically, the first time children should visit the dentist is before they turn one-year old. After the first tooth comes out problems can also start and this is why it so important to get regular dental checkups. The dentist will check the teeth, the oral tissue in the mouth and the gums to ensure that everything develops well.

One of the most common dental issues when it comes to small children is caused by thumb sucking. This is an extremely common habit which causes no problem if the child stops around the age of 2  or 3. You should not be concerned about dental health because of thumb sucking up until you can see those front teeth start to erupt. If the child continues thumb sucking after the eruption of the teeth, problems such as protruding front teeth or bite issues may occur. You should definitely make an appointment with the best children’s dentist glen rock if you can notice any damages to the front teeth because of thumb sucking. Many experts in the field agree that pacifiers represent a much better alternative to thumb sucking, because pacifiers will not put a great tension on the front teeth (thanks to the rim of the pacifier)

Teething is also another issue for concern, especially for parents. Teething is the process through which the teeth start breaking through the gums. At around 6 months old, babies start to show their first tooth, and by the time the child reaches about 2.5 years all the baby teeth are visible. It is highly important to take your child for a dental checkup, especially if you notice any problems. You can also ask your healthcare provider for any teething pain reliever medications/methods that you can use to ease the child’s discomfort during this period. Regular dental checkups from an early age will teach the child to follow proper dental hygiene habits for life.

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