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Preparing your Child for the First Dental Visit

It is important to prepare your little one for the first dental visit, in order to make everything a fun and enjoyable experience. When it comes to dental visits, you should never use words that inspire fear around your child. Such words include “pain”, “shots”, “pulling teeth” and others. When you take your child for the first dental visit with the pediatric dentist Paramus, the experts will know exactly what language to use in order to make the child extremely comfortable. Most often the first dental visit is the deciding one. Once your child gets to know the surroundings, the dentist and the entire atmosphere there, you will be able to take him for the next appointment without any problems. Thus, your child will see these upcoming dental visits as a necessary routine which helps growing beautiful and healthy teeth.

So what is the best moment of the day to take your child to the dentist? Experts agree that you should schedule these dental visits in the morning. This is the moment of the day when your child feels the most fresh and alert, ready to conquer new challenges. If you are taking a preschooler or even an older child to the dentist, you should give him a general idea about what he should expect at the dentist. As a parent, you should explain your child that the pediatric dentist Paramus will only check his teeth to ensure that they are healthy. You should also explain your child why dental care is so important in general, and you can even make the child feel excited to see the dentist.

Once you arrive to the dental office, you can now discuss all your questions and concerns with the dentist. Also, as an adult you should keep in mind that your experiences in a dental office may be very different from what your child experiences for the first time at the dentist. If you struggle with dental anxiety or feelings of stress you should make everything possible not to show these feelings to your child.

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