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What is Family Therapy and How Can it Help?

Conflicts and communication issues are relatively common in every family. When there is serious lack of communication present, the entire family balance and wellbeing is disrupted. Psychological counseling in the form of family therapy can help resolving such issues, so that you can find peace, wellbeing and understanding as a family. Typically, family therapy Westchester ny is a short term form of therapy, and it may involve all family members or only those who agree to participate and solve their conflicts.

The type of family therapy or treatment plan that you will receive greatly depends on your individual situation. Such family therapy sessions will help you understand better how to deal with specific family related stressful situations and conflicts and how to improve the lack of communication between family members.

  • Learn to deal with stressful periods in your family even after you stop going to therapy
  • Therapy helps greatly improving problematic relationships with your partner, child, brother/sister, parent or any other family member
  • Family therapy helps you open up and learn to resolve problems such as stressful financial problems in your family, the impact of substance abuse on family members, problems between parents and children, or the issue of mental illness and the impact it has on the family as a whole
  • Family therapy represents the best solution if there are feelings of anger, despair, grief or stress present in family life.

Family therapy Westchester ny experts can teach you how to deal with a wide range of situations and how to improve the situation on many levels.  Family therapy is also highly indicated when a family member struggles with a mental illness such as Schizophrenia. In such cases, all other family members find it extremely difficult to cope with the situation and they need to learn new skills to improve communication, behavior, etc. This is when the family member who is the patient will keep up with the individualized treatment plan prescribed by his/her doctor, but other family members will take family therapy sessions in order to learn how to live together and how to offer help to the family member struggling with the problem.

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