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Why You Need to Use Anti-Static Bags to Protect Your Electronic Devices

When youโ€™re handling sensitive electronic devices, you may be nervous that they could be damaged. There are two main threats to electronics: water and electrostatic fields. To protect against water damage, there are specific protective packaging products available, such as desiccant packs and moisture barrier bags. To protect against ESD and electrostatic fields, on the other hand, you should use anti-static bags. Anti-static bags work by creating a Faraday cage effect around your device; by doing so, it distributes any electrostatic charge among the exterior of the anti-static bag, therefore keeping it away from the actual product itself.

Anti-static bags are essential for protecting your electronic devices. This article explores 3 different times to utilize these bags.

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During Transit

If youโ€™re selling your old phone to your next door neighbor, you get to avoid risky shipments. Often times, though, this isnโ€™t the case. Electronics are sent all over the country, as well as the world, to fulfill orders. When theyโ€™re being shipped, theyโ€™re extra vulnerable, which is why anti-static bags come in handy. Since electronics are expensive, buying these bags can save you money on mistakes made during transit.



The best case scenario for a business is to sell their products the moment that theyโ€™re manufactured. The reality, unfortunately, is that sometimes they sit in a storage room waiting to be purchased. During this time, they need to be protected from ESD and electrostatic fields. If they arenโ€™t, they could be damaged before you even sell them.


Avoid Sparks

There are certain situations where electronics can cause sparks. In a plane, for example, thereโ€™s a lot of oxygen; this can lead to harmful sparks. When you put your electronics in anti-static bags, their chemical properties will prevent this from happening.

Whether youโ€™re shipping, storing, or exposing your electronics to sensitive conditions, anti-static bags can protect your product. For more information, contact your local anti-static bag supplier.

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