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Avoiding a Septic Tank Overflow

Properly Dispose of Waste for a Well-Functioning Septic Tank

Septic tanks represent ecologically friendly solutions, and they can serve you very well for decades if you pay attention to a few aspects. First, you should ensure regular maintenance and pumping of your septic system. Contact septic pumping Fishkill NY experts, and they will perform professional pumping when needed. With them, you can also schedule regular maintenance to ensure that your septic tank functions properly all year round. It would help if you remembered that everything you throw away in your home – grinding it in the garbage disposal, flushing it down the toilet, or pouring it down the sinks- will eventually end up in your septic tank. If you are not careful about this aspect, you are not properly disposing of waste, which could ultimately cause problems in your septic tank.

Remember that your septic tank is not a trash can. Therefore, you should only flush down toilet paper, human waste, and nothing else. Septic pumping Fishkill NY experts warn against flushing any of the following items: cooking grease and oil, feminine hygiene products, coffee grounds, paper towels, cat litter, non-flushable wipes, pharmaceuticals, gasoline, pesticides, paint and paint thinners, diapers, cigarette butts, and the list could go on.

Septic systems are made up of certain organisms or bacteria that will eventually digest household waste. However, if you are flushing all sorts of items and hazardous materials, these bacteria cannot correctly digest these items. If you keep pouring different toxins down the drains, these “good” bacteria will be killed, and your septic tank will not work correctly anymore.

  • Do not use chemical drain openers when struggling with a clogged drain. First, try hot water and a drain snake to unclog the drains.
  • Do not pour the cooking oil or any grease down the drains
  • Never pour solvents or any toxic cleaners down the drain
  • Reduce to a minimum the garbage disposal – this way, you will also reduce the amount of grease and fats or different solids that can enter your septic tank and could lead to a clogged drain field.

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