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When Do You Need to See a Urologist

You may need to see an urologist nyc in case something is wrong with your urinary tract. The urologist specializes in treating a very wide range of urinary tract related issues, everything from kidney stones, to bladder related problems and up to more serious problems such as cancer. Urologists also specialize in treatments of the male reproductive system, including the penis, scrotum and the prostate. In case you struggle with underlying health conditions such as kidney stones, long term issues regarding holding your urine or prostate complications, you should definitely see an urologist for the best treatment.

Generally, men also visit an urologist nyc with other issues such as erectile dysfunction or an enlarged prostate gland. On your first visit, the urologist will perform a physical exam including rectal and genital examination. If further investigations are needed, the urologist may ask for imaging tests, blood work or even a CT scan to be performed.

Besides prescribing medicated treatments, urologists can also perform behavior training. For example, such behavior training can be performed in case the patient has problems with holding urine. Then, the doctor may advise the patient to perform certain exercises that will help strengthening the pelvic muscles. It is important to understand that mild urinary tract problems can be generally treated by your regular doctor. However, if the symptoms worsen or they do not go away (such as pain, the inability to hold in urine, etc.) then you will have to see an urologist.

Some of the most common signs and symptoms pointing in the direction of a urologic exam include the loss of bladder control, feeling pain when urinating, erection problems, blood presence in the urine or pain that is felt in the groin area or lower back. It is important to visit an urologist at the first signs of discomfort, in order to receive proper treatment early. This way you will be able to recover faster and of course see those uncomfortable symptoms go away for good. The urologist will prescribe the right type of treatment and behavioral therapy that will help you heal faster.

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