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Protecting Your Cellphone During Transit

Many times when a person no longer needs their cellphone, they pass it on to a loved one. It could be their cousin, aunt, friend, or even someone that bought it online. When they give their phone away, however, that person may not live very close to them. For that reason, they’ll need to send it through the mail. This can be a little risky, however, as you never know what that package will go through to get to its destination. Most importantly, you don’t know what the weather conditions will be like.


If you receive a cellphone in the mail and you see that the box has deteriorated a little because of weather, you may be worried. There are a lot of home remedies that you may try on the phone to ensure the water didn’t impact it. You may put it in uncooked rice, or even pay for one of those machines that “revive your phone from water damage”. If those things work, then that’s great! But the best way to protect your phone from water damage is to take preventative measures.


So, how do you prevent water damage during transit? You should do so by asking your loved one to use certain mil-spec packaging. To start, there are moisture barrier bags that the phone can be placed in. Just make sure that they choose the moisture barrier bag that works best for the phone, as they come with different accessories. In addition, desiccant packs are very effective at protecting electronics because they absorb moisture, odors, and chemicals.


Make sure to use moisture barrier bags and desiccant packs to protect your cellphone. Additionally, these products protect any items that can be damaged by water. That being said, you can reuse them the next time you make a shipment.

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