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Why Do Children Need Braces?

One of the most important and common questions the parents ask dentists is if their child needs braces. Every parent wishes for a beautiful, healthy and straight smile for their child. However, there are many aspects involved before a childrens dentist Allendale can give an answer. Parents need to understand that there are several types of braces available, that there are certain ages that are best to wear braces and get efficient results and so on.  Also, many of these aspects are quite subjective. Some children need braces from a younger age compared to others, and many children do not require braces at all.

So why do children need dental braces- a childrens dentist Allendale highlights the following:

Firstly, dental braces are not only available to fix teeth that are crooked. Braces are quintessential not only for the dental health of your child, but also for general well-being. Think of the scenario where the child struggles with an under bite, but the teeth are not crooked. The child experiences discomfort and even pain sometimes when biting food, so there is a need for braces to correct the bite. Besides resolving dental gaps and crooked teeth, find below a few more examples that indicate the use of dental braces:

  • In the case of late loss of baby teeth
  • Struggling to chew food or struggling with an under bite / overbite issue
  • Instances where the child breathes mostly through the mouth
  • Poor dental health habits that lead to more complications
  • Crowded teeth , misaligned teeth, blocked out teeth
  • Protruded or recessed jaw problems
  • The child experiences difficulties in speech/ cheek biting
  • Teeth that are protruding
  • Teeth that do not meet properly
  • Facial asymmetry problems
  • Grinding or clenching of the teeth

When you notice any or some of these signs, you should definitely contact a dentist who will perform a thorough examination. He will determine if your child needs braces and will suggest other important oral health habits that your child should follow in order to resolve the problem.

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