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When to See an Erectile Dysfunction Specialist

You should definitely consider scheduling a visit with an erectile dysfunction doctor nyc if any of the following symptoms occur:

  • The inability to maintain an erection
  • The inability of having an erection on a recurrent basis
  • The complete inability of having an erection
  • A continuous reduction in the sex drive

Erectile dysfunction doctor nyc– what to expect at your appointment

On your first visit, you will discuss with your doctor the signs and symptoms that you are experiencing. The doctor will have several questions regarding your medical history, your current symptoms and other details. Then, the doctor will most likely recommend you to carry out several tests. These may include a Doppler imaging or a nocturnal penile tumescence testing.

  • Doppler imaging- the Doppler ultrasound helps doctor see what exactly is going on inside your body, without any injections or X-rays. The doctor will use the Doppler result to check for any blood flow irregularities (blockages or vein clots)
  • Nocturnal penile tumescence- is a type of specialized testing which allows doctors to evaluate easily the intensity or the number of erections during the sleep phase.

It is important to understand that impotency problems can be reversed in most cases with the right type of treatment. The erectile dysfunction doctor nyc will recommend certain treatments that will help with the problem. Quite often, erectile dysfunction may be caused by other issues such as anxiety, depression or problems within the relationship. In such cases, the doctor can recommend sex therapy which is a form of psychotherapy intended to treat various sexual related issues.

If the doctor sees it necessary, he will prescribe certain medications that help with erectile dysfunction. You should schedule regular visits with your urologist in order to catch all problems early. Also, many men feel embarrassed to visit the doctor with problems such as erectile dysfunction. However, there is nothing to be embarrassed about, and in fact erectile dysfunction is an extremely common problem that can be resolved. Make sure to contact your urologist if you are facing erectile dysfunction problems, and you will receive the right course of treatment.

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